What is the price of YOUC In IEO end?
$ 0.10
When and where will YOUC be listed?
YOUcash (YOUC) token has already been listed on many exchanges. [Check the lists of exchanges and all available markets]( https://youengine.io/blog/list-of-exchanges-to-buy-and-sell-youc/).
When will MVP be released?
The YOUengine working platform for advertisers will be released in Sep-Oct 2020. Then, the YOUapp for users will be launched in Nov-Dec 2020.
What will happen if you will not reach the softcap?
YOUengine is already well funded. In case of not reaching soft cap we will launch the product anyway.
What is the price for 1 YOUC private sale?
Private sales completed. The price was $0.05-$0.08 for high volume buyers.
Where are you from? Your team
Looks like a good idea but immediately I can think of a big problem. Some advert keywords are very expensive - people will game it pretend they are in a different demographic to get paid more to ‘watch’ ads. And are they even watching?
The user will only get paid if he watched the video untill the end ! by signing up for nthe first time geolocation will be checked user has to share this for a short moment ! anytime user login to app geolocation will be checked ! to pla YOUgo and win prices you need to share constanly geoolocation otherwise you can not play the game !
4 billion users? Uuuhhhhg?
This is the total market size that YOUengine is penetrating, around 4 billion people are online
Don`t you know Brave browser? I been using it for 6 months now. Paying us for our attention through BasicAttentionToken
Brave is a browser that you need to install on your PC. YOUengine is an app that doesn’t collect personal data.
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