YOUengine reached 1M audience! Know how?

YOUengine May 10, 2020

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John McAfee, one of the most odious billionaires in the crypto sphere, complemented the YOUengine platform on his twitter. Twiсе!

How YOU reached a 1M audience

A long time ago, John McAfee attracted 1M followers. Check it out. He had become popular in the crypto community for his predictions of Bitcoin price growth to $ 1 million and for hating a centralized finance system.

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In addition, John constantly praises decentralization and blockchain technology. That’s the point where his and YOUengine's interests matched!

That’s why John McAfee made two posts about us. In the first mention he was asking his 1 million community about YOUapp:

Surveillance Capitalism and data theft through advertising have stolen our privacy. We know this. I look for solutions and came accross this: YOUengine Looks great, but Covid is keeping me busy, as you all know:)) No time to dig into it. Anyone know about this?

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In the second tweet, John told about possible partnering with 'YOU'.

“More surveillance is needed” say pandemic authorities. “Gotta track people!” It’s coming. Those working on anti-surveillance or non-invasive advertising – I can help. I have security experience:) My first partnership is with: YOUengine. Any others?

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Therefore, 'YOU' project received the greatest contribution from one of the most famous influencers in the crypto industry.

John McAfee and YOUengine

To prevent any stupid speculations, we, in YOUengine, shall explain the following:

  • We did not pay a penny to John
  • Currently, we are in the negotiation process of possible partnering. Some win-win cooperation could be made between YOUengine and McAfee DEX

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