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YOUengine listed on Coinpaprika

YOUengine September 30, 2020

Good news! Coinpaprika - a cryptocurrency tracker, has listed YOUcash (YOUC) token. So now, you can track YOUC token price on the Tradiview price chart, check liquidity in market pairs, and more!

YOUcash price chart

YOUcash (YOUC) on Tradingview Price Chart

You can now monitor YOUcash token price on the most popular and super-useful TradingView chart. It's a fast and completely interactive chart. You can apply tons of options on YOUC price history: 100+ indicators and 50+ intelligent drawing tools that cover the most popular trading concepts.
That's very important to have such a price chart from the first days of the YOUC token listings!

Track YOUC Liquidity

Moreover, Coinpaprika allows you to check the market depth and combined orders for almost all markets where YOUC traded.
Market depth is a measure of open 'buy' and 'sell' orders within 1% or 10% span of the spot price.
The 'Combined orders' column combines the depth of market orders into one convenient metric with summed up liquidity.

YOUcash markets depth

What is Coinpaprika?

Coinpaprika is a super-powerful web app for cryptocurrency users. It allows professional traders to view many technical aspects of YOUcash token. For example, they can view historical prices, different charts, market depth, and more.

What is YOUcash (YOUC) token?

The YOUcash (YOUC) token is a cryptocurrency. The YOUengine team has issued it to boost the development of YOUapp. In addition, YOUC cryptocurrency is an integral part (like blood) for the whole 'YOU' universe.

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