YOUengine meets investors

YOUengine and Investors from Dubai

YOUengine August 27, 2020

Not a secret that Dubai is the number 1 city in the Middle East for attracting Foreign Direct Investments. That’s why the YOUengine founders made exclusive pitching in front of 25 investors in Dubai this August.

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Pitching YOUengine in Dubai

Interesting fact, that this pitching format was not a conference nor an exhibition. AgoraGroup provided YOUengin with a sales platform. This event was focused on pre-arranged meetings between YOUengine and Qualified Buyers from the Middle East with a combined budget of over 500 Million Dollars.

This format provided YOUengine with the best investments. This was pitching in front of qualified investors coming from the government sector, banking, financial services, healthcare, oil & gas (of course), and other industries. These decision-makers met with YOUengine and learned about its unique solution.

YOUengine meets investors

Finding investors from Dubai took two steps:

  1. The AgoraGroup pre-qualified buyers for YOUcash (YOUC) tokens. They send to the “YOU” team a complete list of delegate attendees, including their company names, job titles, solutions of interest, readiness to buy, budget, and the number of nodes in an organization. It was made During July (before the event). So, YOUengine got detailed profiles of potential buyers. At the same time, the buyers have gotten a list of projects (sellers) and chosen only twenty of them including YOUengine.

It should be pointed out that these corporate buyers have all been qualified based on the following:

  • ultimate decision-makers in their organization when it comes to making buying decisions.
  • have a minimum spending budget of $2 Million.
  1. After that, in August, YOUengine showcased the YOUapp solution. As a result, it was possible to choose the corporate buyers for general and one-on-one meetings during and after the Dubai event.

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