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YOUengine August 20, 2020

The YOUengine is a Decentralized direct-to-consumer advertising platform.

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Advertising is the engine of commerce and the life of trade. Advertising being a powerful industry is an integral part of our culture and life. Besides brands, a large number of stakeholders involved in this business getting benefits from the creation, production, and delivery of ads. The object of all these efforts is solely the end user. It means that each user, personally, is the only one who matters, and the most ridiculous thing is that the user, personally, is still the only one who doesn’t get any benefit from that. It’s time to make every user a true beneficiary as well.

YOU can get your fair share back because only YOU matter!

There are many marketing models but the very first stage of any of them is to attract the attention of the customer, and the efficiency of the entire model depends on how this step is implemented. A wrong approach leads to a complete waste of marketing budgets. Ad’s spam has become a real scourge of the present. People fight plastic debris on Earth. It’s time to start fighting "ad’s debris” in the global information environment.

YOU can make communications truly effective and clean!

The total surveillance of users has become a frightening norm in the modern digital age. Users are convinced that privacy is no longer what the ad’s industry really appreciates. The personal data is the most valuable and the least protected asset. Personal data leakage is the weakest point for most modern social media and services. This creates a growing mistrust between brands and customers. It’s time to regain trust.

YOU can return user confidence in the industry!

Learn how to grow your brand or business with YOUengine.

“YOUengine is incredibly flexible and it can be adapted to meet the businesses’ needs, whether they wish to target millions of people around the globe or only a few people in their local region”

“YOUengine is a fully-transparent advertising platform that is completely decentralized, and it revolves around you. This is a new trend that is already changing the world, and it will become the norm very quickly”

“Your data will be safe, the time you spend watching ads will be worth it for you thanks to the rewards, and the companies that are making and selling their products can cut off the advertising companies and save tons on the money”

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