Join YOUengine MVP Testing!

YOUengine May 16, 2020

Discover YOUengine’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Participate in testing!

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Why YOUengine needs MVP

Not a secret that a perfect product should begin with a Minimum Viable Product. That's why "YOU" team released prototype. It allows “YOU” to reach the following goals:

  1. Evaluate responses.

First, we need to collect metrics showing what users like and dislike.

  1. Spot bottlenecks.

Second, we need that the first users make feedbacks. Therefore, we could detect functional problems. It will help to define the next steps in the process of development.

  1. Reveal alternative approaches.

Third, the analysis of alpha users’ recommendations and their interactions with the prototype could generate more efficient tech solutions.

Introducing YOUengine MVP

Those who couldn't get in the first group of testers can take a look at the app design mock-ups below. Also, self-explaining videos are available on our YouTube channel. Subscribe on it and click notifications on Bell.

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Participate in alpha-testing

By welcoming to test, YOUengine aims learning more about its users and clients (advertisers). Michael Muenzing said:

“We would like to make our first users happy. Only focusing on users will allow us to build perfect product!”

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