How YOUengine Works for Advertisers

YOUengine May 13, 2020

After we have shown how YOUapp works for users, it’s time to know how YOUengine operates for advertisers!

In this article, you will know how to create and run an advertising campaign on the YOUengine platform. Also, discover how YOUengine helps to grow your business.

Sign in

First, an advertiser logs in his account on the YOUengine platform. Note: that any company from all over the world or any person can be an advertiser on YOU universe!

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Upload Ad content

After signing in, an advertiser can upload the content he/she wants users to view. Besides, it's possible to see how the ad will be visible on different devices.

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Select dates

The advertiser enters the start and the end dates for the campaign.

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Set up the target audience

On this magic stage, an advertiser defines the age, geolocation, interests, and other up to 400 parameters of targeted users.

For example, it’s possible to target men 25 to 55 years old, located in New York City who are interested in boats and have an income of $150000 per year.

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Fund the campaign with YOUcash

During this step, an advertiser funds the campaign with YOUcash (YOUC) cryptocurrency.

Why should advertisers use cryptocurrency instead of fiat money (USD, EUR, etc.)? The answer is simple!

  1. The usage of YOUC cryptocurrency allows making micropayments to millions of users in the cheapest way.
  2. Moreover, advertisers can forget about cross- boarders limits.
  3. Finally, fiat currencies exchange rates fluctuate and inflate constantly. On the other hand, YOUcash doesn’t inflate at all. Nobody can issue new YOUC tokens by printing it.

You can already get YOUcash here and on other exchanges.

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Submit ad campaign

After the funding with YOUcash, an advertiser submits the ad campaign. Then the YOUengine platforms deliver ad content to the target users immediately.

Watch ad campaign results in real-time

Immediately after campaign submission, an advertiser starts getting all statistics in real-time. YOUengine platform shows audience metrics and ad campaign summary.

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It's that easy whether you want to reach 10 people down the street or 10 million people around the world. You only pay for actual views. Therefore, you are getting the best return on your budget (ROI). That's the power of the YOUengine!

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28 Sep 2020