How YOUapp Works for Users

YOUengine April 28, 2020

Find how the YOUapp works for users, how it looks like and more.

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There are few simple steps which allow you to start using YOUapp and earn money.

Download the app

YOUapp is absolutely free for downloading on iOS and Android smartphones.

Create an account

During registration process you need to proof your identity with touchpad fingerprint.

Complete personal preferences

To let advertisers know what you like and dislike, complete personal preferences. There are preferences for foods, cars, fashion, travel, and so much more up to 400 data points. The more data you enter – the more money you make. All data is 100% controlled by the users. There is no central server – all data stay on your smartphone. This is how decentralization in YOUengine works.

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That’s it. Welcome on board! Now let’s see what’s inside the ‘box’. YOUapp is one app with several interfaces which are just a click away.

YOU watch

“Youwatch” is the video player that lets you watch ads and get paid instantly!

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YOU go

“YOUgo” is the only mobile game in the world with augmented reality where you can win great prizes. The whole planet is your game field.

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Just walk down the street with your phone. You can capture great prizes like Nike sneakers, Tiffany jewellery, Balenciaga clothing, a North Face puffer coat, free United Airlines tickets to Paris, Jimmy Choo boots, a razor electric scooter, cash and much more!

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YOU wallet

“YOUwallet” is the wallet interface to store, transfer and exchange YOUcash (YOUC) tokens to cash.

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YOU social

“YOUsocial” is the place where you get paid to be social

So, you get all in the one app. Only you have it’s all made for you and powered by you!
👉After seeing this video 📺, you start wanting YOUapp all the more-)

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