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YOUengine May 28, 2020

One of the strongest tools of any business is its marketing mix. It helps YOUengine to apply the right marketing strategy and implement it through effective tactics. The constant evaluation of product, promotion, price, and place plays a vital role in YOUengine’s overall marketing approach.

Therefore, let’s find out. What is ‘YOU’ team doing in terms of product, promotion, price, and place.

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What is the marketing mix

Despite the fact that the classic marketing mix concept was created 60 years ago, it still works! Why? Because it’s the most enduring and widely accepted marketing framework in the world. The marketing mix concept is focusing on a company’s “4 Ps”: product, price, place, and promotion. Any business must have a plan on how to improve its “4 Ps” in order to reach marketing objectives in the target market.

For instance, YOUengine’s marketing mix or “4 Ps” is the following:

  1. Website and mobile application consisting of YOUwatch, YOUgo, YOUsocial, and YOUwallet. They all represent a Product for advertisers and users.
  2. Clients’ ability to set any price is one of the YOUengine’s competitive advantages. Such a strategy creates a strong Price factor and helps to reach the target market.
  3. Convenience for consumers and presence on all major marketplaces push a Place factor.
  4. Running of crypto bounty and Initial exchange offerings as well as the frequency of announcements and PR activity boost YOUengine Promotion.


Both and YOUapp must satisfy the users’ needs and provide unforgettable experiences. That’s what the ‘YOU’ team is aiming for. This is why we started the private MVP testing. We made it only for a limited number of people. This test helps to prepare for the soft launch.

"We want to reach a wow-effect during the public soft-launching," said the YOUengine co-founder, Konstantin.


This is one of the market-disrupting factors that YouEngine applies. Advertisers decided how much to pay to users. At the same time, users decide how much they want to get paid. Obviously, If an advertiser set a low reward, then lower number of people watch the ad. Forget about Google ads and Facebook monopoly on ad prices.

People! You are in full power to set your own prices and remuneration levels!


The ability to buy YOUcash with credit and debit cards simplifies life for advertisers. They can now fund their ad campaign easily just in 10 minutes. This is very convenient for b2b clients who are not familiar with crypto.

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For users, we focus on the user interface (UI). What people are feeling while interacting with the YouEngine website and app. In this direction, YouEngine made a huge progress. One of the famous web designers joined our team. So, both types of YouEngine users will be impressed and get great user experience.


YOUengine’s constant PR activity leads to growing brand awareness. We are focusing now on organic mentions. So, look at the results (picture below). The 34 backlinks and improving Alexa Trafic Rank is just the beginning.

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At the same time, 28 weeks-long crypto bounty is going on. It brings three hundred unique visitors every day. Moreover, the already active and pre-announced initial exchange offerings uplift awareness into the next levels. Finally, the frequent social media posting allows YOUengine to notify the community about all updates and achievements on a regular basis.

Besides, the usage of decentralization and blockchain technology leads to the Advertising Market disruption. This fact is a honeypot for notable supporters. For instance, a crypto billionaire, John McAfee supports YOUengine!

Bottom line

Summarizing all the above we can conclude that YOUengine is a real business with a strong marketing mix strategy. The company has a clear vision of what tactics to apply in terms of product, price, place, and promotion. It allows to reach the target market in the most efficient way.

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